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Dion is known for the diversity of his acts and strikingly different characters, his shows are filled with unbelievable illusions, strong choreography and beautiful scenery.

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Miss Dion

Miss Dion appears unexpectedly.

Dancing with her beautiful legs, she makes you think twice. She is the one and only female illusionist in the world, is she real or just an illusion?

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The Great Magician

Dion the great magician brings you back into the history of magic.
Presenting classical famous illusions that will make you remember, but not for real.
Dion explains secrets that should not be revealed. Not to worry, the magic will be even more powerful.

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The dark makes you see delusional images. Believe and experience the magic of a surrealistic dream that becomes real in front of your own eyes. Flying objects come and go, gates that open to another dimension. Follow the light before you get lost.

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Mr. Purpurs

Awaking from a deep sleep, Mr. Purpurs escapes out off his magical music box. The crazy mad but sweet Mr. Purpurs hates white, it bores and annoys him. He wishes to live in a colorful world that makes him positive and happy. 

With a touch of his wobbly fingers Mr. Purpurs changes everything into color.

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The White
Magic Rabbit

The magician's hungry white magic rabbit is desperate to eat the carrot, which is out of reach on top of the high table.

However, the magician's magic props distract the rabbit, who then tries even harder to reach the carrot. But the rabbit's magic makes the cups an balls, cards and silk come to life even more. 

Will the props stop the rabbit before the magician returns, or is he clever enough to get his reward?

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Magic Tango

A young man, dressed to impress, comes to a classy restaurant to propose to his lover. But on the table he finds a red goose with a note containing sad news... It is nnot to be. Angry an hurt, he dances the Tango an plays with the gift that was intended for his lover.

But the red rose, Symbol of his love, keeps magically returning to torment him...

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